Some Thoughts

September 23th, 2023
  1. Delayed gratification is a sign of civilization

  2. Existence doesn't require perfection, so imperfection doesn't imply a need for non-existence

  3. The problem with school is that schoolwork is top of mind

  4. It’s important to go deep on a topic early in life to understand that most opinions in the world are too simplistic

  5. The world can only be grasped by action, not by contemplation

  6. (I don't take enough action)

  7. Counterfactuals are hard to think about. It's essential to think about counterfactuals

  8. Key to understanding people is getting to see them in various contexts

  9. If you think you’re good at something—you’re bad at it. The better we know something, the more we realize how far away we are from knowing it well

  10. No one should use "former" and "latter" in the same sentence. "First" and "second" is more intuitive

  11. Maybe we don’t have much innovation because we have too much communication. Innovation requires going against what others think is possible

  12. People have a persisting tendency to rise (or fall) to what’s expected of them

  13. Every sufficiently advanced creation gets used for war

  14. Not everything is Pareto improving and that’s fine

  15. Chinese medicine is healthcare, Western medicine is sickcare

  16. Loneliness is felt around others; solitude is felt around yourself

  17. Evolution by natural selection can only make statements about the past

  18. Differentiating exceptional from great is more important than differentiating great from good

  19. Life is a series of competing objectives. Defining the objectives is harder than playing the game of life

  20. Most businesses should not be run unless the owner has a condition that prevents them from not running it

  21. Housing as an investment is incompatible with housing as a right

  22. Not thinking in accordance with the times is a sign of independent thinking

  23. Time horizons are positively correlated with positive-sum behavior